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The Full Story


We are a family centred, worship oriented, word of God focused, multicultural community of people who love the Lord Jesus Christ and strive to live meaningful lives to see His kingdom established here where we live. Our Sunday services are slices of experiences of a little heaven on earth. Commencing with worship music and songs that span across centuries catering to the likes of all age groups, we move into intercession for the sick, the needy and the persecuted Christians around the world. On alternate Sundays, people share their testimonies, their miracles and God moments. Our services also include the partaking of the Lord's Supper which gives the congregation an opportunity to look within themselves and identify areas for cleansing and forgiveness. We make sure that birthdays and anniversaries are remembered, and the people prayed for. During the service children have their own lessons and craft sessions. What happens in Belvedere Church is that lives are transformed and hope is restored by the power of Jesus Christ. Come and be a part of this great adventure.


Through the Word of God, Worship and Fellowship, we aim to impact lives so that each of us can live victorious lives favourable to both man and God. Our Youth and Children's ministries cater to the needs of a growing generation while our Ladies' and Men's ministries resort to strengthening and supporting women and men to fulfil the purpose of God in their lives.


The church building was first a furniture shop and then a cinema. Miss Whitehouse and Mrs Gladys Rogers had a vision for this building and sought the Lord in prayer. They rented this place and eventually it became Belvedere Pentecostal Church. They were the pioneers of this Assemblies of God church. 


Pastor A Thomas Varghise and his wife Sarina is now pastoring this church since 19th May 2013. Having come this far by faith we give God all the praise and all the glory for what He has done and we will continue to look to Jesus Christ, who we know is faithful to complete the work He has started in us.

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