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Hey There,

Your spiritual journey begins when you enter the double doors of BPC and step into the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of the Church.

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Once in, you will be caringly walked to your chairs to experience the service which begins with worship followed by communion and the preaching of the word of God. The worship session is meant to transport you to the throne of glory so that you can leave all your burdens and worries at the foot of the cross and give the Lord of Lords all the honour He deserves. 


During the communion time, there are opportunities for self reflection and forgiveness and later you have the chance to offer your tithes and offerings to build the Kingdom of God. 

The word of God is chosen to strengthen your faith, edify your soul and aimed to help us live lives pleasing to God.


There is always time given to those who need prayer. The elders of the church along with the pastor will stand with you to lift your petitions to the throne of Grace.


Your children will also be taken care of during the service in the Kids for Christ bible studies session where they are taught the word of God in memorable and unforgettable ways using worksheets, songs, games and apps.

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